About Us


  1. Managerial Supervision – assuring you of quality workmanship and security.
  2. Use of top quality materials from selected suppliers – ensures prompt and correct delivered quantities enabling the timely completion of the work.
  3. Correct construction methods together with quality materials used; result in the work being done correctly from the start, namely, correct drainage, adequate base compaction, grout mix and overall aesthetic value of the paving project.
  4. 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE PAVING INDUSTRY – offering good advice and ideas.
  5. 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on workmanship.
  6. Full Range of fantastic products to beautify and enhance outdoor areas
  7. Master pavers with reputation to uphold – SATISFIED customers ensure our continued success.
  8. Increase the re – sale value of your property – giving you an excellent return on the investment.
  9. Finance available – no deposit and up to 60 months to pay.
  10. Specialists in our industry – our only concern is doing paving to perfection.


 Existing surfaces are lifted and removed from site.

  1. The cleared area is scarified and levels obtained for correct water flow.
  2. The area is moistened and compacted to form a good sub – base.
  3. Bedding sand layer laid on top of the sub- base to form an ensure clean cut edges and corners
  4. Cutting of the bricks is done with an angle- grinder to ensure clean cut edges and corners.
  5. Edge Beam – Border bricks are laid on a foundation to secure all exposed borders
  6. Grouting – Wet mix of plaster sand and cement is swept over the paved area, compacting at the same time to bed the bricks into the bedding layer and fill the joints preventing the growth of grass and weeds.
  7. Clearing of the site and removal of rubble.


Below are some hints:

  1. The paving should be kept clean by sweeping and hosting at least once a month. Failure to clean your paving could result in surface weeds germinating. Should this occur, remove weeds and apply weed killer to the area.
  2. Ensure that the lawn is trimmed to the edge of the paving at all times.
  3. Should ants appear during the rainy season, simply apply ant poison.

NB: Efflorescence is a white powdery substance which may occur over a period of time and is no cause for concern as this is lime and salts being drawn to the surface and will dissipate normally .

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